Corporate website development

The creation of a business website is a specific niche in web development. The main goal of a corporate website is to achieve business goals with increasing sales, providing a strong online presence, making an entity’s products or services more desirable to customers than that of any other rival, and increasing customer loyalty.
Solution BD  offers you a full range of corporate website design and development.


A corporate website represents the company it was built for. It conveys the company’s image and concept to the world and therefore, must be convenient for all segments of the audience: clients, shareholders, employees, investors, suppliers, and local communities. That is why developing great corporate websites requires extensive experience and skills.
In short words, the corporate website is like a company’s personal assistant or business development executive that a company owner hires to work 24/7 without days off.
Design, functionality, and content should all be thought out in very great detail.

Corporate website development is a challenging task. There are several basic principles that help to build a successful business site:

  • Start from marketing audit, depth UX research
  • Creating clear site structure, easy to navigate
  • Creating professional UI/UX design of a website
  • Using elements of the corporate Identity
  • A site must be safe, reliable, stable, and scalable
  • Providing accurate information to visitors
  • A site should inform, engage, and convert the right audience
  • SEO-friendly

The modern corporate website must be mobile, socially, and emotionally driven.


What is included in web development services?

Solution BD specialists initiate a corporate website development process by identifying business goals. It helps us to understand the purpose of your site and why people have to visit it. Do you want to increase the value of your brand? Or to generate more leads? Everything about your site will support these purposes and every page will result in a goal achieved.

The next is a comprehensive analysis on which the success of the project rests. That’s why, in order for projects to meet the needs of the target audience, we approach their implementation only by combining a marketing audit with a Value Proposition Canvas. It helps create a great UX design for any corporate website.

The corporate website design is the main stage of business site-building. This stage consists of brand identity design or refreshes the brand design, UX design, UI design, and graphic design. We will keep your design clean, on-brand and in the form visitors expect.

Last but not least, is corporate website development. F5 Studio’s web developers will choose the right platform or stack of technologies for a business site. During the web development process, they ensure a high standard code, security, functionality, SEO, and scalability of a site. The final phase is website testing. Once the site is flawless, it is finally transferred to you.

Exclusive corporate website design
Exclusive corporate website design
The site design is developed from scratch according to your request, goals, features and target audience. We use the latest technologies and keep the future of our clients in mind. We will develop the most simple, convenient and user-friendly resource to create more awareness and credibility of your brand
Solving problems of any complexity
Solving problems of any complexity
We have enough experience to say with confidence “there are no limits for us”. Whether it is a simple site with textual and graphical information or a complex project with the development and implementation of non-standard functions, integration of third-party components. The answer is always the same: “Let’s do it!”
Liability under the contract
Liability under the contract
We exclude the likelihood of disruptions in the terms and the requirements for unforeseen payments for the development and promotion of a corporate website. which clearly spells out all the terms, responsibilities and the number of tasks assigned to us. There are no hidden additional fees.


High performance website
Web performance refers to the speed at which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser. You will get the ideal website load time for a corporate website on computers and mobile devices, regardless of the speed of the Internet connection.
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Website quality assurance
This includes testing and optimizing HTML, JS, and CSS, cross-browser compatibility testing, and creating a responsive version of the site to drive mobile traffic. Also, F5 Studio’s QA specialists test forms, chats, web tracking tools, and other website functions.
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Website maintenance
You can be sure with certainty that after the delivery of the project, we will provide all possible support. Whether it is the development of new functions for the site, filling the resource, writing texts, or other tasks. F5 Studio is your reliable partner, who speaks your language.
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Effective business website
Your corporate website is a great resource, which is 100% achieving its goals. It is SEO-ready, intuitive, and has a good conversion rate. All corporate websites are developed by F5 Studio to a state of complete readiness and do not require additional modification.
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Solution BD Group is a customer focussed commercial construction firm set a task to update their website. solutionbd. redesigned the website is by approaching it with customers in mind. Our specialists started with an analysis to create a website redesign strategy. We changed an information architecture of a website. Our designers created a modern design with improved UX. solutionbd. web developers correctly built a WordPress site with customizations.


Solutionbd. web development agency created new design, developed new website to achieve business goals of Moodja.


Doulike Senior is amazing iOS dating app for senior citizens.The challenge was to design an iOS application that creates the right mood and meet requirements of design for elderly. We did it with the light colour scheme, a simple user interface and special UX solutions.


Total Collision & PDR is a auto bodyshop that was founded on ethics, moral and values. That is why we focused on needs of customers of the auto bodyshop. To create UI/UX design of the website we used Value Proposition Canvas approach. Our developers improved all elements that allows visitors use website services without headache. In this way we created the website that helps business owners to achieve marketing goals.

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