Dedicated development team

A dedicated team for the project consists of professionals in the field of project management, frontend and backend development, testing, and UI UX design.
Tap into Solution BD for expertise and experience that is not available in-house.


The process of selecting qualified personnel is quite specific because highly specialized employees are required to be capable of completing the task in record time. As you know, high-quality developers are always in great demand, and remote workers on the labor market are far from always being able to fully complete the entire front of work.

The dedicated team is flexible with fully predictable costs and a budget control approach which helps you to best build your web project using our formation of development teams specified to your needs.Dedicated teams become full members of the client’s team, follow his corporate culture, and work for the benefit of your company. When individual team members work with you for some time, they have a deep understanding of your expectations and can clearly see the goal for success. You can end the contract whenever you feel the need to.


We recommend this model for those who have a project with clearly defined requirements and goals. Using this model, you get a structured team with guaranteed support.

  • Full transparency of all stages of work
  • Save time and resources
  • Quick team selection
  • Control and support


We select teams with the necessary number of developers containing the specified qualifications. Project managers are utilized to expand your internal resources.

  • Only necessary specialists
  • Replace or add staff
  • Strengthening your team
  • Development at any stage
Speed up start times of your project
Speed up start times of your project
Regardless of the complexity, timing, or project difficulty, F5 Studio is able to quickly form a team of motivated specialists ideally suited to the needs of your web project.
Full management control over the project
Full management control over the project
You can manage resources and plan the work scope at your own discretion, with maximum benefit for your project.
Low risk
Low risk
Our web agency is the additional guarantor in many situations. For example, if someone leaves the project, you can focus on your business and leave these problems in our capable hands.


The developed flexible system of mutual settlements allows you to pay for the services of the development team in a way that is convenient for you.

F5 Studio’s dedicated team provides web services without requiring advance payment.