Everybody wants to interact the technology without spending too much of their time and effort. The right UI/UX design makes the user’s journey clear, absolutely amazing, and memorable from the very first second of using.

F5 Studio UI/UX designers make your digital presence that is beautiful, easy, low-tech, and useful. This means that your business can get more clients.


Nowadays, UI/UX design has become one of the most vital parts of a wide range of business aspects, including websites, web, and mobile applications. That is why you need to hire a best-fit digital agency.

Almost all agencies describe their design process in the same words: Research/Discovery, Plan, Wireframing, Prototype, and Launch. How do you get true professional UI/UX service among thousands of agencies and freelancers?

In fact, the professional UI/UX design process depends on the business results you expect.

That is why F5 Studio’s UI/UX design process starts from asking you about your business goals. If necessary, we’ll help you to identify your objectives. Then our specialists will tailor a process of UI/UX design by project details and your needs. So, we can guarantee that our UI/UX design services can deliver an outcome for your business.


In a nutshell UI/UX design creates IT products that users want to use.

The aim of UI design is to create user interfaces that have to be clear and intuitive. The UX design aim is to bring together business goals and users’ needs. Both of these are critical to the overall success of the business and must work together. Especially UI/UX design is important for startups.

Right UI/UX design increase conversion rate. If all the steps are clear, more users progress to the final stage of making a purchase or completing desired actions.

The better the UI/UX design of a site or app is clear to use; the more people will use it. People are very happy to share positive experiences with others. The word of mouth remains the most powerful way to get customers. Also, UI/UX design is a ranking factor that affects your site SEO. That is why F5 Studio’s SEO specialists include UI/UX design in SEO marketing strategy.

The overall effect of UI/UX design for businesses is loyal customers, increased revenue, reduced internal cost.


We’re withdrawing from the choosing between smart and beautiful. The compromise is a bad deal in UI/UX design.
Stop wasting your internal resources
Stop wasting your internal resources
Our UI/UX designers focus on users. That concentrates effort on what users want. This approach reduces your costs.
Your brand style
Your brand style
Most of the users shouldn’t notice good UI/UX. It would be perfect for your business because that can be hard for users.


What is included in web development services?

Our UI and UX designers have a lot of experience in different design services. Now they are mostly specialized in UI and UX design only.

The experience includes failures, winning projects in many industries, and knowledge in complementary disciplines.
That helps designers use better practice and generate their own ideas.

So you can get a quality solution.

Each of our designers often works in multiple workflows simultaneously. It is a key point for professional growth. Because it helps to research and implement new front-end designs, which in turn spawns newer designs, and on and on. You will get innovative designs.

Normally design process is not linear and includes researching, ideating, designing, communicating, testing, and learning.

Our designers spend up to 30% percent of their work hours on ideating, or conceptualizing designs. Also, they spend about 30 % on research. As you can see these stages require great effort.

But these stages generate the right UI/UX design for your business.

F5 Studio designers start research by identifying the goals of the site or app and the key interfaces to study. Comprehending customers’ needs is the next stage.

This approach helps connect business goals and customer needs in a reasonable way



Solution BD Group is a customer focussed commercial construction firm set a task to update their website. solutionbd. redesigned the website is by approaching it with customers in mind. Our specialists started with an analysis to create a website redesign strategy. We changed an information architecture of a website. Our designers created a modern design with improved UX. solutionbd. web developers correctly built a WordPress site with customizations.


Solutionbd. web development agency created new design, developed new website to achieve business goals of Moodja.


Doulike Senior is amazing iOS dating app for senior citizens.The challenge was to design an iOS application that creates the right mood and meet requirements of design for elderly. We did it with the light colour scheme, a simple user interface and special UX solutions.


Total Collision & PDR is a auto bodyshop that was founded on ethics, moral and values. That is why we focused on needs of customers of the auto bodyshop. To create UI/UX design of the website we used Value Proposition Canvas approach. Our developers improved all elements that allows visitors use website services without headache. In this way we created the website that helps business owners to achieve marketing goals.