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Solution BD  is a web development company that provides website development services with your customer in mind. Our strategy-driven approach allows us to create impressive websites that engage and motivate your target audience.


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Website development
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The cost of website design and development depends on the complexity of a site and the stack of technologies. In general, the cost of a custom business site starts from $1000 and increases depending on the complexity.

The website development cost includes custom UI/UX design, front-end and back-end coding, custom web development, QA and testing, basic SEO, installing plugins and extensions, adding web tracking scripts (for example Google Analytics).

The cost of website development doesn’t include the cost of the domain, hosting, and plugins.

If you need a simple corporate site, you can choose one of our fixed price website development packages.

As a professional website development company F5 Studio can find the mutually beneficial variant making the site under a reasonable price.

Effective web presence
Effective web presence
We’ll create a website to attract visitors, drive leads, convert them into customers and encourage them to come back.
Brand message that resonates
Brand message that resonates
We know how to create strong brand messages with a website and make it memorable for your audience
Web accessibility
Web accessibility
We follow all website accessibility regulations (WCAG 2.0 AA) to make your website accessible for all people.


What is included in web development services?

Solution BD  team provides UX research to add realistic contexts and insights to a web design. That’s one way to determine users’ motivations and needs to build a successful site for any business.

Even if 1% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity now. Every website developed by F5 Studio is adapting perfectly to mobile devices users are accessing it from.

Do you need an online store or an e-commerce development service? Solution BD  builds easy-to-navigate, conversion-oriented e-commerce sites that look good. Because first impressions really do matter for business success.

Ecommerce development services. solutionbd  brings your e-commerce business to life with professional UI/UX design, responsive online store, and custom functionality. We provide e-commerce site development, site migration, and integrations.


Solution BD Group is a customer focussed commercial construction firm set a task to update their website. solutionbd. redesigned the website is by approaching it with customers in mind. Our specialists started with an analysis to create a website redesign strategy. We changed an information architecture of a website. Our designers created a modern design with improved UX. solutionbd. web developers correctly built a WordPress site with customizations.